Nicole Jacobsson Success Coaching Berlin



executive & leadership coaching

As an experienced executive leader and executive coach, Nicole Jacobsson supports you to expand your leadership skills to become a successful leader


As an executive and manager, your coaching needs might be:

  • Development of leadership strengths and awareness of development needs
  • Positioning, Charisma and personal appearance
  • Reflection on complex decision-making issues
  • Influencing skills and relationship management
  • Self-marketing and profiling
  • Career development

Together we work on

  • Strategies
  • Visions
  • Objective-setting
  • Motivation
  • Emotional leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Self- awareness

regarding the following leadership topics

  • Leading yourself
  • Leading the company
  • Leading topics
  • Leading individuals or
  • Leading teams

Executives are convinced that coaching is an inspirational support to expand their ability to perform as leaders and positively influences and shapes the culture of communication in the company. Strong executives communicate their leadership position clearly and take responsibility for their own decisions. They lead their employees with enthusiasm and are able to inspire and motivate others through their own vision and attitude. An executive who knows how to act in a strong leadership position creates the necessary ground for a self-determined and self-effective work of their employees.

Nicole Jacobsson is your reflection partner and feedback provider at eye level. In this role, she helps her clients reveal their own blind spots.



team development and team coaching

Nicole Jacobsson also works with teams following the systemic coaching approach.

This is characterized by a holistic way of thinking and by the connection of interdependent factors or dynamic interactions.


In principle, teamwork can only work if team members are in a position

  • to function as a team
  • to understand oneself as an interdependent system
  • to consider the team development process as important as the result
  • to recognize one's own personality and behaviour and that of the other team members

In team development, the aim is to enable sustainable solutions taking into account already existing competences. As a systemic team coach, Nicole Jacobsson supports teams in resolving problems and achieving goals. The team and its team members learn how to independently develop solution processes.

Nicole Jacobsson is the companion that provides a framework and methods to enable the team's development processes, taking into account their individual skills, inner resources and learning experiences. The process serves an individually adapted and unique solution framework, whereby the focus is on a value-adding and future-oriented team development.


Possible topics and occasions for team development and team coaching

  • Development of new teams
  • Leadership and leadership changes in teams
  • Optimization of cooperation and conflict resolution in the team
  • Communication of virtual teams
  • Problem-solving
  • Teams in change processes
  • From team member to team leader
  • Exchange of a team members
  • Implementation of new projects

conflict resolution and mediation

The goal of mediation is to help the conflicting parties to take responsibility to find a suitable solution for their conflict whereas communicating and listening to each other plays an important role in the process. It is about revealing the different views as well as the individual concerns, needs and interests in order to allow for a sustainable solution that can be accepted by all parties.


As a mediator, Nicole Jacobsson is responsible for ensuring that this happens in a constructive manner, highlighting the main points of conflict.

It is however not just about resolving conflicts, but above all how the conflicting parties will be able to improve their relationship in the future and resolve tension issues in a solution-oriented and autonomous way.

Not only is this a viable and sustainable solution, but it also lays the foundation for an open and strengthened conflict management culture.


organisational development & change management consulting

Change Management is very demanding and most organizations are facing an increased level of change pressure.


Since different change projects trigger completely different emotions within the workforce, they require very different approaches for implementation.

For example, you might have the following change plans:

  • Anchoring a vision
  • Implementation of a new corporate strategy
  • Cost reduction programs & productivity increase
  • Crisis Management & Resilience
  • Reorganization & Restructuring
  • Merger & acquisition, post-merger integration
  • Process optimization
  • Culture change
  • Introduction of teamwork and agile working

Each of these cases is a major change activity that affects a large number of people. The resulting emotions are often characterized by fear and reluctance, since by nature a system is rather interested in its preservation and not in its change.

Hence, it is important to meet and appreciate these emotions with the appropriate change approach and to implement the transformation according to the specific context.

Prerequisite for a lasting success of a change management activity is the appropriate anchoring in the organization and the mobilization of the workforce. Otherwise, as in many cases, it remains unfortunately only an exercise that creates a lot of noise, but has little effect.

In addition, major changes always lead to internal focus, making a company more vulnerable when dealing with itself rather than with its customers and the market. If the change activity has also only little effect due to a poor and long-lasting implementation process, the company is exposed twice.

Nicole Jacobsson has actively supported numerous change processes during her many years of experience as Senior HR Executive in various international corporations. She has learned what works and how change implementation can be managed in a suitable and successful manner. She knows that it is essential that employees and leadership are engaged in the change.

Successful change management requires strong leadership skills whereby not only the change management process downwards is important but also the support and the coaching of the management level. From process support to leadership and team coaching activities, Nicole Jacobsson can assist you in successfully implementing a sustainable implementation of your change project.



success trainings by success academy berlin

At the Success Training Academy Berlin, Nicole Jacobsson works with a tailor-made training concept.

The training and workshop portfolio of the Success Academy Berlin is geared to the individual needs of the customer and will be tailored to specific needs on request.


Prerequisite for a successful training is always a specification of customer requirements to ensure the training activity to be sustainable

Examples for customized trainings and workshops have been e.g.

  • Successful leadership in times of restructuring and downsizing
  • Successful communication during change
  • Successful conflict solving to ensure project delivery
  • Successful stress management and increase of motivation
  • Successful self-management
  • Successful leadership in times of growth
  • Successful negotiation and dealing with ambiguity