professional orientation & development of business strategy

Petra K. is a freelance nutrition consultant. When Petra came to me, she was in a "creative crisis". She explained to me that she worked a lot but inefficiently and with a small profit. She was basically satisfied with the content of her work, but there was hardly any room to adjust her business strategy. After three intensive years she felt quite exhausted and due to the lack of time and courage she wasn’t able to define the first steps changing the situation.

Petra's work initially focused on understanding her personal needs and values ehind a career change. It turned out that Petra was anxious about losing her livelihood which blocked her readjust her business strategy.

Together, we worked out a way, how she could reserve some time in order to finally be able to work on the content of her new business strategy. In the end she created a new strategy for her company and found new cooperation partners so that she could look more confident into the future.

Flaco Zacarias